Solidarity Summit March 18-19 2023: Deep and Wide. Recordings here

March 18-19 we hosted our quarterly Solidarity Summit where we came together across our locations and shared knowledge, inspiration, skills and more.

The theme was Deep and Wide - we enjoyed the opportunity to both expand and deepen our networks.

Saturday - focus on current partners and local work. Catch up on recent progress, update action maps, solidify networks and plans and how we can showcase everything the next day when we'll invite more of the public.

Saturday March 18, 8-10am CDT/UTC-5: Neighborocracy learning session. Recording here. Learn from Joseph Rathinam how Neighborocracy has been a tool to organize enormous numbers of neighborhoods in India to solve difficult problems and build beautiful solutions, block by block. Learn how UK partners aim to adapt it to their context, and dream about how these frameworks could support your own mutual aid work.

Saturday March 18, 10am-12 CDT/UTC-5: Solidarity Summit Action Map Part II. Recording here. Build on the Action Map we started at our previous solidarity summit, and move listings and connections into real-world exchange networks.

Local sites are encouraged to host your own get-togethers later on Saturday, and invite newcomers to the Sunday meetups. In Madison we connected an art opening with a casual party, celebrating our collaborations.

Sunday March 19 10am-12 CDT/UTC-5 Solidarity Action Map Part III - building with newcomers Recording here- we presented what's happening for newcomers to see, and invited them to add themselves into the mix at our Action Map.

Sunday March 19 12-2pm CDT/UTC-5 Solidarity Economy Principles session - This was external to the summit, a discussion by partner organizations about the Solidarity Economy Principles and how to apply them to our work.

Sunday March 19 2-4pm CDT/UTC-5 We hosted an open-space session where people were invited to go deep into specific issues, plans, or dreams.  We had a small group deep discussion here which we didn't record.


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