How we work

New members are encouraged to attend an introduction meeting - email info@mutualaidnetwork to set one up, or show up to one you see at our calendar.

You should receive an introductory email (check spam!) with your login to this site.

The user profile is populated and the member's resources and needs are entered into the directory, with categories.

Members browse the directory and contact each other through the site to arrange exchanges.

After an exchange, one member registers the transaction on the site, including a quantity of our own unit of account - usually HUMAN hours, traded one hour per hour with no monetary equivalent attached, with everyone's hour valued equally. Other units of account are available and members are expected to operate within our core principles.

The other member then confirms the transaction next time they are on the site, and both members balances change.

The committee determines and enacts policy, resolves disputes, and works to stimulate exchange. Committee members may receive an honorarium, in the local unit of account, which rarely covers all the time put in.

This marketplace is cooperatively governed and members may decide to shift how it operates, such as requesting dues or fees, setting debit or credit limits, or requiring coop membership.

See the HUMANs website for more detail about our economic, social, and legal framework including why and when we use different means of exchange. See the website of the HOME tech coop we're part of to learn more about that.