New web site!

This is your shiny new web site, provided for free by Swiss nonprofit Community Forge.

This site supports local communities such as LETS and Timebanks by giving each member their own login, so that members can list their own offers & wants, manage transactions, contact other members, gossip, and observe or participate in governance. It supports the community managers, allowing them to manage content news items, web pages, photos, & documents, as well as membership.

Community Forge volunteers, in addition to specifying, building and testing the software, also offer free hosting of this site, a helpdesk site for your IT person, and email support.

All this has been developed in since 2008 by volunteers LETS groups in Switzerland and Belgium in the spirit of the gift. When we say 'free' we mean no spying, no adverts, no monthly fees, no conditions. All the software for this site is published so you need not depend on us for anything!

We hope this site will free up your time for more community activity and encourage participation by a broader demographic.

We invite you to participate in our work by volunteering or donating money.

Submitted by on Wed, 26th Oct 2022